Custom Flag Printing

Fully customised, weather-resistant custom flag printing that works for your unique business and advertising needs.

Take your marketing to new heights with custom flags.

Custom branded flags are ideal branding solution for indoor and outdoor events, exhibitions and retail outlets. Let your brand stand out at an industry event or take them to an outdoor sporting event to draw attention to your sponsorship or support. All kits are available with a free handy carry bag to help with transportation and storage.

The Teardrop Banner Flag, Rectangle Banner Flags and Feather Banner Flags are simple to self-assemble and you can choose a base to suit your location. The frame poles are made from robust, 100% aluminium, ensuring your promotional flags are stable and long lasting. Long and tall, our Feather Flags will give you more room to get your message across. They also look great when they catch the wind! Our fun teardrop shape is a little sturdier in the wind. They are slightly smaller than the feather style, but just as effective.


  • Teardrop: Available in 3 heights: 2m, 3m, 4m.
  • Rectangle: Available in 3 heights: 2.5m, 3.5m & 4.5m.
  • Feather: Available in 4 heights: 2.3m, 3.2m, 4.1m and 5.1m.


Teardrop: Curve Teardrop Flag, the Drop Teardrop Flag and the Square finish Teardrop Flag.

Feather: Curve Feather Flag, the Bold Feather Flag and the Zoom Feather Flag.

Material: Printed on 110 gsm knitted polyester flag material.

Our Backpack Flags are lightweight and designed to be comfortable to display all day, allowing the wearer to walk through an exhibition hall or along a busy parade route with both hands free. The use of vibrant colours and snappy slogans get your customers attention every-time. The backpack is made from sturdy PU-coated nylon that holds the aluminium flag pole firmly in place.

Material: The flag is printed on 110gsm knitted polyester which slides easily over the tubing and locks into place.

Size: We offer two different flag shapes (rectangle and sail)

Printing: printed single or double sided.

Our Traditional Flags can be used for all locations: Promotional Events, Schools and Colleges, Sporting Events, National Holidays, Personal Use, Business and Corporations.

Manufactured using flame-retardant 110gsm knitted polyester and fitted with rope and toggle loop as standard, these flags can be fitted with metal eyelets or a sleeve at no extra charge.

No minimum required. Fully custom sized to your needs.

Hand Waving Flag and Promotional Bunting are lightweight and cost-effective, our handwaving flags are fun and perfect for sporting events, parades and parties. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Design shows correctly to one side and is mirror image to reverse. Single sided print on a wooden stick

Material Options: paper or knitted polyester, Rectangular shape

Our Branded Printed Flags

Teardrop Banner Flags
Rectangle Banner Flags
Feather Banner Flags
Backpack Flags
Traditional Flags
Hand Waving Flag and Promotional Bunting
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